Learn How to Extract Nicotine from a Cigar

How to Extract Nicotine From a Cigarthumbnail

To Extract Nicotine from a Cigar, you have to Remove all bands and cellophane from the cigar and shred the cigar using the scissors into small pieces. You need to put the pieces of the cigar into the glass container. After that, add boiling water to the glass container. You must Affix the cap, and allow the cigar-water to steep for about twenty four hours. Then, Filter the cigar-water through the coffee filter.

You should pour the resultant water into a shallow pan and place on the stove top. Next, simmer the filtered cigar-water down to a supersaturated fluid. You can let the supersaturated solution to cool slowly and stir with the glass stirring rod. Forth, Pour the thick supersaturated solution again into a coffee filter and let it to rest undisturbed for another twenty four hours.

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