Learn How to Make a Cheap Tobacco Pipe

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To Make a Cheap Tobacco Pipe, you have to Cut a branch from a cherry, hard maple or plum tree about six inches long using a fine-tooth saw. You need to ensure the branch naturally has the circumference that you want the bowl of your pipe to be without having to alter it. After that, let the wood to sit and season for at least three months. Then, Put the 6-inch branch into a vice or C-clamp, leaving more than two inches exposed. Next, Take an ice pick and start a hole where the top of the bowl will be.

Forth, select a small pilot drill bit and start drilling into the hole started by the ice pick, taking care to stop about 1/2 inch from the bottom of the bowl. After that, repeat the steps with using a wider drill bit. You must keep repeating with wider drill bits until the inside of the bowl is the width you desire. Then, Cut a thin branch of elderberry, catalpa or ash wood using the fine-toothed saw. You should select a piece just wide enough to be a suitable pipe stem.

You can let the wood to sit and season for at least three months. Next, Take a thin, stiff wire and push it into the center of the pipe stem to push out the pith. Forth, Use the ice pick again to start the hole in the side of the bowl about 3/4 inch above the bottom of the bowl where you want the stem to go. After that, Select a small drill bit and continue the hole. You have to keep increasing the size of the drill bit until you have a hole just large enough for the stem to fit into tightly.

Then, Saw the rest of the branch carefully away from the bowl. You need to insert the stem into the stem hole.

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